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Light A Candle's Journal
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Friday, October 24th, 2008
6:12 pm
Synchronized Chaos Webzine is hosting a writing/art auction!
Hi everyone, I'm Cristina and I help edit and publish the online art/literary/cultural/science and travel writing webzine Synchronized Chaos. We're online at http://www.synchchaos.com and have contributors and readers from various countries and walks of life. Just started up last summer, hoping to build and grow our nonprofit. We're designed to facilitate communication and collaboration among artists and the community, provide free mentoring and exposure for aspiring artists (as well as a publishing credit for resumes), and provide an outlet for those with something to say on important social issues and spotlight and honor those who are accomplishing something positive through the grassroots.

As part of our community-building efforts, we periodically (usually around the holidays) host art auctions to assist members of our community (regular readers, contributors, volunteers, editors, etc) who can document that they need help with emergency financial needs (rent, food, medical treatment, etc) and that there are no other resources available in their area.

You may peruse the art auction here: http://synchchaos.com/?page_id=166

This time around we're looking for help for two current members in the Synchronized Chaos network of family and friends - a single mother on disability who’s in the process of writing for us and would like to afford Christmas presents for her young children, and a hospital bill for a friend of a contributor who works in food service and lives in a tiny room in a residential hotel and has no way of paying. He's on his way to school to become an electrician and does not want the bill to stop him from being able to pay tuition and buy textbooks.

Would like to know if anyone in this community would like to donate art or writing, or their services as artists to produce personalized short fiction/poetry/visual art on request. Also, cash donations via PayPal or cash/check would be lovely also, or prayers and reposting :)

Our format is modeled on the Sweet Charity art and fanfiction auctions which normally assist causes such as rape/sexual assault survivor services and international relief, and which raised tens of thousands for the Writer’s Guild of America’s Foundation for those experiencing severe difficulties while out of work during last winter’s strike. http://www.sweet-charity.net/

The process of choosing beneficiaries is democratic and available to all - please let us know on our Facebook/LiveJournal group (chaos_zine) or by emailing the magazine or commenting there if someone needs help and we’ll do what we can to set something up if you can provide some sort of documentation verifying the need.

You may donate art, poetry, writing, or offer your services to write or produce art on commission given a prompt or requests from a donor.

And if you have extra art for a benefit auction please check out the lovely folks at http://www.helphealfran.org - they’re putting on something similar for performance artist Fran Varian who’s ill with Lyme disease.

Thank you very much!
Monday, November 26th, 2007
12:31 pm
Looking for the Christmas Fairy :)
Hi, I'm Cristina, and I have a very good friend who is disabled and still working to get back on her feet after her husband's death last year.

She has a huge heart and sends me and others inspirational quotes every day to cheer us up, even though sometimes she is so sick she can hardly function. She and I have been searching for part-time work for her from home, and she is making real progress to recover and deal with some things in her life.

This year, though, she needs a little help with Christmas presents for her two young children. Both children are talented artists and love to draw, sing, and perform in community theater musicals. She has a thirteen year old daughter and a fourteen year old son.

Also, there are a few other children (her niece and nephew and some family friends' children) who also won't get much for Christmas this year:

Jenner (JR) 14 years old
Anthony 15 years old
Lexi 4 years old
Kyle 3 years old

The family lives in Northern California - and I'd like to help my friend and her mother receive something as well as the children. I'll be sending them gifts myself but would like to invite people here to help also if they so choose. Perhaps people can select one or two family members and sign up to get them gifts? People in payingforward did that last year and we're all very grateful to them. People can get creative and make handmade gifts or something else that doesn't cost too much if they like - last year I put together handmade coloring books for the youngest children from pages I printed out online.

Please comment if you are interested and leave an email address and I'll give you the family's contact info. Thank you very much and have a beautiful holiday!

Josh Groban performs O Holy Night: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nx0C5ZDi1rs
Sunday, July 8th, 2007
7:25 pm
I am bad at updating on time, apparently.
Well! Here I am again, sitting down to do a month's worth of updates. But that's okay! This is important!

Okay. So, seeing as I stole their motto*, I decided my beneficiary for the week of June 10-16th (oh dear, so late!) should be Amnesty International. I'm a little bit hesitant to give to organizations that aren't local, but on the other hand, since the whole point of AI is to bring international attention to violations of human rights, it wouldn't be as successful if it weren't Amnesty, you know... International. And I do believe very strongly that they're doing good, important work. I also think that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is a pretty good idea. So yeah. Plus, it was the last week of high school, and my brain was on UTTERLY FRIED mode, and this was a pretty easy choice.

"Whatever you think the impact of your work may be, it will be greater than you can imagine."
- Faraj Ahmad Birqdar, Syrian poet, journalist, and former prisoner of conscience, as quoted on Amnesty International's webpage, summing up what I deeply hope is true, since most of the time I don't feel like I'm doing very much at all.

Anyway, you can set up a donation here, or you can join AI here. I'm not sure where to go to make them stop sending me $498574985 worth of return-address labels. Oh well.

The week after that, I went to my cousin Keno's wedding, and he and his girlfriend wife Dana decided to donate the amount of money they would've spent on favors for the guests (who preferred an open bar to favors, duh) to several charities, one of which was The Down Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati. They are a group that supports individuals with Down Syndrome and their families, and are an excellent choice, since Keno's littlest sister has DS. They offer tons of support for families and also lobby on behalf of people with DS, and you can donate money to them by clicking here.

*But they totally stole if from China first.
Tuesday, June 26th, 2007
5:34 pm
And the nominees are...
So, dear lightin_candles community, what is it that you think is worthy of your time, energy, or skrilla? Any favorite causes or pet projects among you? I haven't really found "the one," as it were, and am just sort of donating to things that pop into my mind or come up during the week when I'm getting ready to donate, but what sorts of things are most important to y'all? If you were a bazillionaire and decided to give a few billions to a charity or two, which ones would they be?

Also, if you were going to pick charities for your friends (the "Stop Whining and Get a Life Foundation," or whatever) or make up a charity of your own, what would it be and where would the money go?
10:25 am
long time no see!

Hey all. So, since I am no longer being devoured alive by school, here's some back-updates on my project of $$ disbursal!

Anyway, for the week of May 27-June 2, leading up to the high school's Nepal Fair, I dontaed $10 in coins to helping my homeroom in the Penny War, making me part of an effort that raised over $800 for the orphanage in Nepal run by Yeti, an organization started by one of the principal's friends. This means that the school is sponsoring a Nepalese orphan for an entire year at the orphanage in Chitwan, Nepal. Tragically, my homeroom still didn't win the penny war (boo).

More things I have decided to donate to this month, but failed to update about:Collapse )

Coming soon:
June 10-16, June 17-23, and June 24-30--right now I have to go Do Stuff instead of Updating My ElJay, so I'll catch y'all later. :D
Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007
11:08 am
classroom service learning
If I had a class or students right now,  I would be using this idea, but since I'm not, I'll put it out there.  One of my friends tutors a young lady with down's syndrome. Together, they came up with a couple service learning ideas, and decided on reading for Heifer International. The young lady is planning to read 145 books and has asked people for pledges (her note was funny- it said "You can pay me to read" which sounds like some sort of deal my brother tim would have tried on my mom- very enterprising). Anyway, her goal is to buy a water buffalo for a family in India through pledges (anywhere from 10 cents on up per book she reads). 

As part of the program at Marian, we had to involve our students in service learning and I only wish I could have done that this spring.  I plan on trying something like that with my eventual class.
10:10 am
Livejournal hates charity ate my first entry.



More later, when I'm not trying to keep up with school. This week is a tad bit nutty. On the plus side: I just noticed how close we are to finals!!!!!
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