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long time no see!

Hey all. So, since I am no longer being devoured alive by school, here's some back-updates on my project of $$ disbursal!

Anyway, for the week of May 27-June 2, leading up to the high school's Nepal Fair, I dontaed $10 in coins to helping my homeroom in the Penny War, making me part of an effort that raised over $800 for the orphanage in Nepal run by Yeti, an organization started by one of the principal's friends. This means that the school is sponsoring a Nepalese orphan for an entire year at the orphanage in Chitwan, Nepal. Tragically, my homeroom still didn't win the penny war (boo).

June 3-9--Indiana Yough Group, an organization that supports GLBTQ&Q youth (or, as my mother might put it, "GBLTs--Gay, Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato" kids). I ran into them at PRIDE with minusthepants, and it seemed like a really good idea. As they put it, "IYG provides a safe place, a confidential environment, youth development programs and support services which foster personal strength and wellness among self-identified lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender young people. IYG advocates on their behalf in schools, on the streets, and in the community." I gave them $10 via PayPal, which you can do here; they also seek volunteers and assorted non-money wishlist items here.

June 10-17--After my Swap Party, I took the leftover clothes, shoes, jewelry, &c to Thrifty Threads, the resale shop run by the Julian Center of Indianapolis. The Julian Center's mission statement: "The Julian Center is a unique, nonprofit agency providing counseling, safe shelter, and education for women and children who are survivors of domestic violence and abuse. Through outreach and consultation, we also seek to educate the community about the issue of domestic violence and its impact on all our lives. Our programs and services are designed to contribute to a significant reduction in the incidence of violence against women and their children, to support survivors in healing, and to help break the intergenerational cycle of abuse."

At Thrifty Threads, women who are in the JC's shelter "shop" for free from donated items; the store is also open to the public as a thrift store (and a pretty good one, too), and all proceeds go toward supporting the JC. It's located at 1501 W 86th Street (near Half-Price books, if I remember right) and mostly staffed by volunteers.

I also donated $10 via credit card online, which can be done here. I directed my donation toward the Legal Services Fund, because right now the Indianapolis Bar Foundation is matching the first $10,000 in donations.

Coming soon:
June 10-16, June 17-23, and June 24-30--right now I have to go Do Stuff instead of Updating My ElJay, so I'll catch y'all later. :D
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