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I am bad at updating on time, apparently.

Well! Here I am again, sitting down to do a month's worth of updates. But that's okay! This is important!

Okay. So, seeing as I stole their motto*, I decided my beneficiary for the week of June 10-16th (oh dear, so late!) should be Amnesty International. I'm a little bit hesitant to give to organizations that aren't local, but on the other hand, since the whole point of AI is to bring international attention to violations of human rights, it wouldn't be as successful if it weren't Amnesty, you know... International. And I do believe very strongly that they're doing good, important work. I also think that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is a pretty good idea. So yeah. Plus, it was the last week of high school, and my brain was on UTTERLY FRIED mode, and this was a pretty easy choice.

"Whatever you think the impact of your work may be, it will be greater than you can imagine."
- Faraj Ahmad Birqdar, Syrian poet, journalist, and former prisoner of conscience, as quoted on Amnesty International's webpage, summing up what I deeply hope is true, since most of the time I don't feel like I'm doing very much at all.

Anyway, you can set up a donation here, or you can join AI here. I'm not sure where to go to make them stop sending me $498574985 worth of return-address labels. Oh well.

The week after that, I went to my cousin Keno's wedding, and he and his girlfriend wife Dana decided to donate the amount of money they would've spent on favors for the guests (who preferred an open bar to favors, duh) to several charities, one of which was The Down Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati. They are a group that supports individuals with Down Syndrome and their families, and are an excellent choice, since Keno's littlest sister has DS. They offer tons of support for families and also lobby on behalf of people with DS, and you can donate money to them by clicking here.

*But they totally stole if from China first.
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